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Outline of Literary Author Contract
The following is an outline of some of the terms of our current author contract.  It is not itself a contract and is subject to change.

Advance $0
Royalties 5% of listed retail price for the first 500
10% of listed retail price for the next 9,500 copies
12.5% for the next 5,000 copies
15% thereafter
Exclusivity Author grants EP exclusive publishing rights including e-book and audio-book rights.
Guaranteed Transfer of Publishing Rights EP agrees to transfer all publishing rights in exchange for payment according the following formula

  Rights Transfer Price = (Copies Sold) / (Years since published) x $2

     You’ve found another company willing to publish your book that has sold 500 copies in the 3 months since EP first published it. EP will transfer all rights to you or your new publisher in exchange for

            500/(0.25 years) x $2 = $4000.

Author Discount 100% on first 5 copies
25% thereafter