Little books, big ideas.
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About Eridanus Press
Eridanus Press is an outgrowth of Edizioni Press, an independent house dedicated to publishing the best ideas in architecture and architectural design.  Expanding outward from the world of architecture, Eridanus Press was established to publish the best ideas in the whole of culture: art, science, religion, politics, economics, and society.  Our format is trade paperback.  Our niche is intellectual titles for readers interested in new and provocative ideas.  Targeting this specialized readership, a small fraction of the mass market, Eridanus Press joins the growing class of publishers serving readers abandoned by the major houses, whose recent business models have restricted them to titles of mass appeal.

At Eridanus Press we value our readers’ time.  We strive to publish books with high idea densities: those that are direct, to the point, and consequently somewhat shorter -- hence, our motto, “Little books, big ideas”.