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Submission Procedure
1. Read our list of Submission Preferences and Restrictions.
2. Read the outline of our Literary Author Contract.
3. Send us an email of inquiry, if you find the information garnered in Steps 1 & 2 acceptable.
SUBJ: INQUIRY - Title of Your Book

Include the following information in the order shown:
Tentative Title (and subtitle)
Subject Category (e.g. biology and economics,)
Brief Description (especially of novel intellectual content)
Targeted Readership (e.g. female mathematicians over 40)
Guesstimated Number of Readers (for a $15 trade paperback; justify guesstimate)
Your Platform (any occupation giving you a base of likely readers e.g. radio host,
                      minister, blogger, public speaker, TV personality)
4. Wait 2 weeks for our response.
5. Send us a full proposal, but only if we request one.
6. Wait 4 weeks for our response.
7. Sign a contract, if we agree to publish your book.
8. Submit the manuscript by its contractually specified due date.
9. Submit editing changes agreed upon by specified dates.